There's THC

and then there's everything else.

Identifying workday marijuana use requires separating psychoactive THC from everything else — metabolites, CBD, and other non-psychoactive cannabinoids.  ToxiTrace is the only rapid testing platform specific enough to isolate THC and sensitive enough to identify it at levels that correspond to workday use in all forms — smoked, vaped, and edible.

ToxiTrace is a lab in a box. The compact and easy to use analyzer automates precision liquid handling, multiple chromatography steps, spectroscopic detection, and automated result calling. ToxiTrace delivers lab-quality results in 20 minutes, in virtually any environment.  A test that could only be done in a toxicology lab can now be run in your clinic or at your worksite.

The system consists of three parts:

  1. Touchscreen instrument
  2. Single-use test cartridges
  3. Single-use collection devices

The process is simple and reproducible:

  • Collect 2mL of oral fluid with the collection device.
  • Load sample aliquot onto the test cartridge.
  • Place the test cartridge in the analyzer and push START.
  • Review result displayed on the touch screen after 20 minutes.
  • Send remainder of sample to confirmation lab if needed.

The Buzzkill Labs ToxiTrace™ system is intended to detect current marijuana use.
It is intended solely for use in employment, educational, judicial, law enforcement, and insurance settings.
It should not be used for any medical diagnostic or therapeutic purposes.

The ToxiTrace Plaform, in depth

The touchscreen instrument is the operator’s interface to initiate a test run and read results.  Once a test cartridge is inserted into ToxiTrace, the automated run begins.  ToxiTrace moves the sample through the cartridge’s fluidic channels, adds test reagents at specific times in precise volumes, detects any latent THC in the sample, and performs algorithmic analysis to produce a negative or presumptive positive result.  The onboard computer displays the result to the operator and, with customizable configuration settings, can deliver result files to a network location.

The chemistry leading up to the final step of spectroscopic analysis takes place on single-use test cartridges.  The cartridge performs two orthogonal chromatography steps: sample cleanup at the start of the process and isolating THC at the end.  In between is a series of fluidic channels and ports that interface with ToxiTrace, fully automating techniques normally performed by a trained technician in a toxicology lab.

The collection devices are designed to capture 2 mL of neat oral fluid.  A test run on ToxiTrace requires approximately 0.5 mL.  The remainder of the sample is retained within the collection device in the event of a presumptive positive result.  A barcode label can be placed over the cap to maintain chain of custody, and the sample can be sent at ambient temperature to one of Buzzkill’s confirmation partners.